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Human resources are valuable assets which is essential to create a competitive advantage.
Therefore, we will hire and train human resources and strive to provide better services to customers.

We Are Beyond

At ITS Global, when each member dedicates themselves to the development of the Company, they will be recognized by rewards, spiritual encouragement for their dedication and contributions. Moreover, the company always tries to understand each individual so that they can work with peace of mind and make long-time commitment. We always comply and fully implement the policies as prescribed by the Labor Law. Besides, we always flexibly apply special welfare policies with the goal of ensuring and balancing the life and health of each employee.

Our Vision

ITS GLOBAL aims to become a leading enterprise in the field of high technology, providing a professional working environment, contributing to social development and building a civilized and prosperous Vietnam.

Your Dream -
Our Mission

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

We Standby Our Customer

Bring customers trust, satisfaction, and become a reliable and long-term partner.

We Love To Explore​

Pioneer in catching the most advanced technologies

We Make It Better

Apply technology to improve production capacity & quality of life, together build a prosperous world

We Love Our Team

Our strength comes from working as one team. We encourage and elevate each other in the tough times. We celebrate the wins and appreciate hard work.


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we work for them

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